SPOT Image

SPOT Image

Spot Image distributes products and services derived from multiple sources of satellite data.

Its international sales network enables it to offer ‘neighbourhood’ service ensuring that users have ready access to all of its products and services.

Drawing on the resources of its industrial and commercial partners, Spot Image designs and sells:

  • packaged offers of off-the-shelf products and corresponding services,
  • customized solutions for many fields of application.

There are already several operational projects in the fields of cartography, urban planning, agriculture and monitoring in general.

For almost 20 years, Spot Image’s principal activity has involved operating and optimizing its satellite resources.
The company thus provides its customers with a unique, complete service, including:

  • programming of satellites for image acquisition,
  • receiving and archiving telemetry,
  • making geographic information products.

The images acquired by SPOT Earth observation satellites are an unparalleled source of information for studying, monitoring, forecasting and managing natural resources and human activities on our planet.

They are an efficient, cost-effective way of obtaining invaluable geographic information in the form of decision-support tools.

Easy to use

SPOT images can be directly integrated in image processing, geographic information or map-making systems. They are easy to process and combine with other geographic data to extract whatever information may be needed.

Objective and complete

The information in a SPOT image gives an objective, reliable picture of the Earth’s surface. Both accurate and all-encompassing, a single SPOT image covers a surface area of 3,600 kmĀ².

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