ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a Web site for experiencing online ArcGIS. Visit the site to create maps, find and use maps, applications, and tools, and share your maps and applications with others. Within the site, you will find applications for building and sharing maps. You will also find thousands of basemaps, specialty layers, applications, and tools that you can view and use, plus communities you can join.

What does include?

  • Tools for building interactive maps
  • Maps and applications from the Web and GIS communities
  • Basemaps and specialty layers from ESRI
  • Developer resources for building Web mapping applications
  • Storage space for your map and application resources
  • Communities for sharing geographic information
  • Easy-to-use search for quickly finding what you want
  • Ranking and rating system for shared maps and applications
  • What can you do with

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If you are not signed in, you can:

  • Create interactive maps
  • View free maps and applications from ESRI and the GIS community
  • Develop non-commercial Web mapping and mobile applications with ArcGIS APIs

If you’ve registered for a free account and signed in, you can:

  • Save interactive maps
  • Share your maps and applications
  • Create public or private groups
  • Use up to 2 GB of storage space for your maps and applications

You can also purchase these additional capabilities:

  • Commercial use of ESRI maps and tools
  • Commercial use of Web mapping and mobile APIs
  • Additional storage space (not yet available) replaces the ArcGIS Online Web site. This new site improves your experience for finding and using maps and Web mapping applications. All ArcGIS Online content, groups, and accounts now exist on

Highlights of the new features are listed below.


  • Galleries—new map and app galleries for featured content
  • Ratings and comments—you can now add and read ratings and comments for items
  • Web site design—updated layout, colors, and workflow
  • User profile—you can now add a description and a thumbnail
  • Search—improved results and sorting
  • Show Content—you can set the site to show Web content only (default) or all content.
  • Item details—expanded information about the item
  • Sharing—Facebook and Twitter links within item details page

Web Map

  • Identify—improved display of information
  • Workflow—improved design for creating maps
  • Content—you can now add map layers from any GIS server
  • Link—better support for sharing maps via a URL
  • Print—you can now print your map
  • Basemap—additional basemap choices including the option to add your own
  • Legend—layer legends now display as part of content details
  • Integration—maps display within the Web site (they no longer open in a separate browser window)
  • Open in other clients—maps you make in can be opened in ArcGIS Explorer Online, ArcGIS Desktop 10 (Final), and iPhone applications.

Supported Content

  • Web mapping application—you can now attach code to a Web application details page
  • Mobile mapping application—new item type
  • ArcGIS Windows Mobile Package—new item type
  • Map Package—new item type (requires ArcGIS Desktop 10 and later)
  • ArcGIS Desktop Add In—new item type (requires ArcGIS Desktop 10 and later)

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