Trimble GeoXH Handheld

Trimble GeoXH Handheld GIS Data Collector

For high-accuracy GIS data collection and asset relocation, the Trimble® GeoXHTM handheld is the ultimate integrated solution. Engineered with Trimble H-StarTM technology, the GeoXH handheld delivers the accuracy you need when you need it.

It is ideal for electric and gas utilities, water and wastewater services, land reform projects, and other applications where on-the-spot positioning is crucial. The GeoXH handheld provides real-time subfoot (30 cm) accuracy with the internal antenna, and decimeter (10 cm) accuracy with an optional ZephyrTM external antenna.

Because high accuracy positions are available in real-time, you can track down buried and hidden assets with ease, and excavate cables and pipes without wasted effort or risk of damage to nearby assets. Back-office data processing is eliminated, streamlining asset inventories and as-built mapping jobs.

The handheld gives you all the power you need to work with maps and large data sets in the field, and its high resolution VGA display allows for crisp and clear viewing of your data. With the GeoXH handheld you have the flexibility to work exactly the way you want to.

The handheld is powered by the industry-standard Windows Mobile® version 5 operating system, so you can choose a software solution designed for your field requirements, whether off-the-shelf or purpose-built. And you can use the built-in wireless LAN connection to access your organization’s secure network and get the most up-to-date information.

With Bluetooth® wireless technology, the GeoXH handheld offers wireless connection to a Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone for access to the Internet to receive real-time corrections from a VRSTM network and background map data. You can also wirelessly connect to other devices such as Bluetooth-enabled laser rangefinders and barcode scanners for convenient cable-free solutions that keep you productive in the field.


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