Sharia Banking Conquers Europe

March 27, 2009 by airianto  
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All over Europe Islamic banks are establishing branches, Western banks are offering Sharia-compliant financial services, and European governments are trying to outcompete each other in welcoming them. Proponents of banking along the lines of Sharia (Islamic law) claim that the Islamic banking system is “more ethical” than the West’s capitalist system. This is not true. Unfortunately, however, in our age of crashing financial markets, many Westerners – not just the traditional anti-capitalist European left – seem very eager to buy that argument.

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SPOT Image

SPOT Image

Spot Image distributes products and services derived from multiple sources of satellite data.

Its international sales network enables it to offer ‘neighbourhood’ service ensuring that users have ready access to all of its products and services.

Drawing on the resources of its industrial and commercial partners, Spot Image designs and sells:

  • packaged offers of off-the-shelf products and corresponding services,
  • customized solutions for many fields of application.

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An increasing demand for precise, reliable and rapid geospatial information worldwide calls for new-quality Earth observation sensors and progressive geo-information.

Based upon the new radar satellite TerraSAR-X, Infoterra GmbH, a leading provider of geo-information products and services, offers a range of unprecedented high resolution satellite data products and reliable direct access services.

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Compass Navigation Satellite

March 16, 2009 by airianto  
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Compass Satellite

The Compass system (also known as Beidou-2, BD2) is a project by China to develop an independent global satellite navigation system. Compass is not an extension to the previously deployed Beidou-1, but a new GNSS system similar in principle to GPS and Galileo.

The new system will be a constellation of 35 satellites, which include 5 geostationary orbit (GEO) satellites and 30 medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellites, that will offer complete coverage of the globe. The ranging signals are based on the CDMA principle and have complex structure typical to Galileo or modernized GPS. Similarly to the other GNSS, there will be two levels of positioning service: open and restricted (military). The public service shall be available globally to general users. When all the currently planned GNSS systems are deployed, the users will benefit from the use of a total constellation of 75+ satellites, which will significantly improve all the aspects of positioning, especially availability of the signals in so-called “urban canyons”. The general designer of Compass navigation system is Sun Jiadong, who is also the general designer of its predecessor, Beidou navigation system.

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Facebook Ancaman?: Networking apa Not Working …

March 11, 2009 by airianto  
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Facebook – Hegemoni Facebook di ranah internet Tanah Air mulai mendapat tantangan dari sejumlah perusahaan. Gerakan pemblokiran terhadap situs jejaring sosial (networking) tersebut pun mulai dilakukan.

Popularitas situs besutan Mark Zuckerberg ini bagi pengguna internet Indonesia memang tak perlu diragukan lagi. Pelan tapi pasti, netter mulai beralih dari yang awalnya sebagai penggila Friendster, Live Connector dan Hi5, kini mulai berpindah menggilai Facebook.

Pengguna Facebook sendiri terlihat lebih fanatik ketimbang situs jejaring sosial lain yang menjadi pesaingnya. Tak percaya? Beberapa pengguna BlackBerry misalnya, pernah mengaku bahwa salah satu alasan mereka membeli smartphone tersebut adalah hanya karena ingin meng-update account Facebooknya setiap saat.

Alasan yang ‘unik’ memang, terlebih kemampuan BlackBerry tentunya jauh lebih hebat dari sekadar untuk Facebook-an.

Sementara bagi pengguna Facebook lain, banyak yang mengelola account-nya dengan menggunakan fasilitas internet gratis dari tempat kerja mereka.

Nah, kebiasaan inilah yang mulai mendapat perhatian lebih dari para bos/pemilik perusahaan. Yaitu karena saking seringnya karyawan mereka Facebook-an di tengah jam kerja, maka ditakutkan dapat menurunkan produktivitas karyawan tersebut (Not Working).

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