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Promap Ortho System

Promap Ortho System

ADAM Technology develop innovative precision measuring systems for the world of remote 3D measurement. ADAM manufacture specialist photogrammetric systems including the MPS-2 MicroPhotogrammetric Stereoplotter System, and the highly accurate, large format, PROMAP System stereoplotter, all using ADAM’s own suite of Software. ADAM is now involved in automatic 3 dimensional Dynamic Measurement technology – 3DM.

ADAM introduced the Analogue to Analytical stereoplotter conversion for the Wild B8, Kern PG-2 and the Zeiss Topocart allowing a cost-effective transition of these medium order instruments to high accuracy, PC based analytical stereoplotters. These conversions now cover the Wild BC series, and encoded solutions are available for the Wild A8 and A10 machines.

The Analytical Stereoplotters along with the Analogue to Analytical stereoplotter conversions are principally used in the mapping industry. The conversion products upgrade those old analogue (and older analytical) stereoplotters to full analytical functionality utilising ADAM’s proven linear motion technology and the latest PC’s. Encoded solutions are also available for the Wild A8 and A10. These are cost effective upgrades that increase the working life of these machines.

Developments in the area of digital photogrammetry encouraged ADAM to develop a first order Analytical Stereoplotter ‘Hybrid’ – the ADAM PROMAP ORTHO System. This combination is simply the easiest way for you to create accurate vector maps and high quality digital ‘fully rectified’ orthophotos.This ‘all-in-one’ approach enables both the vector and Ortho mapping to be done all in-house. The Promap can also be used as a precision 8 to 25 micron (user selectable) scanner for input into other digital applications.

Continued development in remote measurement technology has seen the company expand into the realm of automatic 3D measurement. 3 dimensional Dynamic Measurement technology – 3DM. This technology enables objects to be automatically measured very accurately in 3 dimensions. It is capable of taking high speed, automatic and repetitive 3D coordinate measurements. The system measures: moving objects, objects changing shape or objects that are too dangerous to touch. Results are available in milliseconds and stored digitally so images can be stored as a permanent record. Automatic volume and surface shape calculations are available and can be interfaced into any automatic operation process .



The ADAM Technology Microphotogrammetric System 2 was specifically designed to utilise medium format (70mm) photography in the field of photogrammetry. The MPS-2 brings photogrammetry within easy reach of anyone, without the restrictive expense of traditional stereoplotter equipment. The MPS-2 is easy to use by non-traditional users by virtue of the intuitive software and the use of simple joystick controls. The applications for this instrument vary from terrestrial, oblique and traditional aerial mapping through to measuring archaeological sites.

ADAM Technology offers our users several packages to provide up-to-date and breakdown support. This ensures that your investment is always operating to maximum efficiency. Our Client Services department is always on hand to rectify problems or keep you informed of upcoming developments.

ADAM Technology’s proven ADAM System Software Version 3.0 is supplied with all ADAM products. This software includes:

  • Camera and lens distortion corrections.
  • Automatic Atmospheric and earth curvature corrections.
  • Machine calibration.
  • Interior and Exterior orientations, rigorous orientations for both aerial and terrestrial applications.
  • Observations for data export to Aerotriangulation Software (e.g. Aerosys V3.0).
  • Job Management.
  • Interfaces to AutoCAD, MicroStation, Kork, Atlas, etc.

ADAM Technology also has 3DD Mapping Software. This is a full featured mapping package. The key features of this software include: Automatic contour and Volume computation; automatic data clean up for GIS; integrated orientation and job set-up for ADAM stereoplotters; improved DXF file transfer plus new digitising functionality.

Our ADAM Data Centre can provide unique photogrammetric services. These include small and medium format aerial camera photography, digital data capture, data processing, digital terrain modelling and volume calculations (using small, medium or large format aerial and terrestrial photography), fully rectified digital orthophotos, as well as map compilation and digital output. Our Data Centre can also be used for training in the use of our products or we can come to you for training at your premises.

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